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Stove Ovens Articles

Tasting Times For Young Chefs

The surf is boiling on the rocks below, the sauces are simmering on the stove in the kitchen and five young chefs are feeling the heat as they go through their paces in the Icebergs Dining Room.

Imports Douse The Flame At St George Appliances

Just over a decade ago, John Formosa and John McAlpin took control of a small Sydney stove manufacturer, breathed new life into the company and launched what appeared to be a successful attack against the upmarket European imports. Last week, their dream finally unravelled when St George Applian

Slaving Over A Hot Stove

WANT to be a chef? Then expect to work long, long hours. Chefs frequently work 60 to 80 hours a week, according to Mr Brent O'Shaughnessy, who is managing director of the contract chefs' marketing collective, Chefs On The Run. "People say it's a lot, but more

Don't Go About Roasting With Half-baked Ideas

ROASTING is when ingredients are baked in an oven. It is a good idea to have your oven checked periodically to ensure it is working efficiently, that the thermostat is accurate and that the seals around the door are effective. Ovens should be preheated before cooking starts. more

Catering For Your Comfort When Entertaining At Home

SLAVING away over a hot stove or furiously running around taking care of all those last-minute problems are not the sort of ingredients likely to enhance the pleasure of an evening when a busy corporate couple entertains at home. It is far better, wherever possible, to more